Educational Annotation

This is a language learning tool designed to show you the source and target language side-by-side, in order to understand Greenlandic in its original context. This is not translation. While this tool does try to provide the correct target language translation based on the source language context, it leaves word order and conjugation/inflection as an exercise for the reader. Read more…

Uses of annotation

For example, if we take the Greenlandic prompt "Kalaallisut oqaaseqatigiit nutserneqartussat" and annotate it, we get a breakdown of each word's analysis and then a translation of the roots (lemmas), morphemes, inflexion, and cases therein.

Looking at the word "nutserneqartussat", we can see that the root "nutser" semantically has to do with turning into something (Sem/turn_into) and is translated as "translate". The morpheme NIQAR turns the construction passive, TUQ means "one who", SSAQ means "future", so the verbatim phrase is "future one who becomes translated", which we can write cleaner as "to be translated".